Wigram brewing co. ‘Phoenix’ golden ale


image“Over the years Reefton has given birth to many a bright idea – the ’Town of Light’ had the first public supply of electricity in th Southern Hemisphere – but no less illuminating was the Racecourse Brewery which wishes to advise of our FIRST CLASS GOLDEN ALE. Of regular body, brewed from the very best malt and hops procurable, and no care and attention spared to produce and article of truly high quality, which for sparcle, purity and relish cannot be surpassed”.

This is the first time we’ve ever heard of this micro-brewery from Christchurch, NZ. Served in a shaker glass the unique cloudy orange pour constructed a persistent 1 and a half finger head that retains and laces well. We’re thinking it must be unfiltered which is quite different for a golden ale. The aroma is a touch earthy with plenty of bready malt, dough, citrus and subtle fruity hops. Quite light on the tongue with mild body and mild-medium carbonation. On the tongue we got mainly a grainy malt flavour with a light addition of hops upfront. In the mid we picked up some zesty citrus and some subtle oats while a soft, crisp finish rounds off a pretty decent drop. Not really what you would expect from your standard golden ale which gives it some character and originality. At 5% ABV it is pretty sessional considering the flavours. Nothing memorable but it’s brewed well enough to enjoy.