3 Ravens Juicy IPA


imageThis NEIPA features protein rich triticale and oats, fruity yeast and a cult lineup of postmodern hop varieties added judiciously for palate-coating breakfast juice vibes.

As the label says, it pours a hazy straw colour with plenty of small carbonation sizzling away. There is a thin head that fades quick leaving just hazy beer with a rim of white. Certainly smells fruity like tropical juice for breaky. Orange Citrus and sweet malts, some pine on the nose. First sip sings a different tune. More bitterness on the palate, more grapefruit and some lemon/lime, pine, alongside light cereal like malts/caramel. The bitterness has a nice lingering presence. Carbonation initially sizzles then dies off nicely. Body is medium and the denseness must be from oats and triticale. It’s thicker than you would imagine, almost velvety but not quite. The Alc vol here is 6% and very little is detected as the bitterness and the slight sizzle on the tonsils dominates. Midway through the glass, there is almost a film that develops on the gums that you find your tongue removing. Patchy lacing down the sides of the glass by now. As we round out the bottom of the glass, basically the same flavours dominate at the start. Grapefruit, pine, cereal malts, with milder spice notes and orange. Overall it’s pleasant and a nice drop. Nothing amazing but drinkable that’s for sure.