Buxton Brewery Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter


23167642_768031066714374_7755092353853996744_n“This edition of Buxton’s Extra Porter features Guatemalan coffee beans roasted at Has Bean Roastery in addition to the usual charge of cacao nibs and vanilla.”

Served in an English pint. Just about impenetrable black in appearance with a thumb of brown foam perched on top. Head retention is good, leaving a smattering of lace as it subsides.
It’s simply awesome how two things are just meant for each other – peas and a pod, man and woman, bacon and eggs, coffee and dark beer! This hedonistic fusion is nothing new bit it ever fails in providing pure satisfaction. We get raw coffee bean, vanilla, cacao, chocolate, coconut, brown sugar and hint of nutty malt and it’s enough to take us to pleasure town! Simple but magnificent aroma.
Wow. The coffee is no longer playing around once it hits the taste buds. It’s raw, bitter and bold as hints of short black, burnt chocolate, roasted malt and a dry woody tone comes forth. The intensity is upheld really well, just allowing a hint of vanilla and roasted coconut to counteract the bitterness. Nice and roasty finish – dry, bitter and assertive with a lingering espresso note in the tail.
She’s creamy in texture but also quite bitter and a little prickly. Just a touch of warmth from the 7.4% ABV. Medium body and co2.
That’s a damn fine drop. We highly recommend to anyone who loves dark beer and coffee. It’s rich, bitter and roasty but well balanced by the subtle vanilla and coconut. Brawny, boozy and not for the faint hearted that’s for sure. Delicious!