Sixpoint resin


image“Resin is an ode to the sticky quintessence of hops – we extracted the alluring nectar from every precious citrus, pine, dank and herbal cone and channeled it all into one vessel. Now that’s Mad Science”.

We are a little gutted about this review because we consumed this can when really we should not have…anyways, we will review what we can remember. This IPA from Sixpoint in Brooklyn NYC has received a 98/100 on rate It’s 9.1% and of course the booze factor comes in. The intense hoppy bitterness is initially surprising. It pours the nice coppery/amber that all good IPAs do. IBU rating is 103. The malt used has almost a sweetness like faint honey. Some spice also from the hops. Other than that, we find drinking out of the can a bit rough but we think it’s a great idea..get craft beer out there, like at music festivals for example. Better than tooheys for XXXX. Good job Sixpoint, because from what we remember we like a lot.