To øl 1039 imperial IPA


imageThis brewery from Denmark is newish to us, so we are excited to try more. It’s a trippy bottle..Palm trees around the neck…like there are palm trees in Denmark. This is an imperial IPA , with the addition of cedar chips used in the brewing process. Pouring cloudy copper/gold with a 1cm head which retains its width. The aroma is consistent with that of an IPA – pine hops in this case. There is Definite booze on the nose, and when we see the 9% alc vol, we get why. The use of the cedar chips give this beer a woody finish. We taste the alcohol. We get high carbonation bubble in the mouth. The only thing we dont really like is the intense bitterness and alcohol mix that lingers on until the next sip. This is an imperial though so we persist. There is a good amount of lace on the glass as it goes down. We are thinking we need to try other brews to form more of an opinion of the brewery. Ok beer.