4 pines ‘Keller door’ Oktoberfest lager


image“Cellar Door has often been cited as the most beautiful sounding phrase in the English language, its practical usage in brewing relates to the location of a brewers storage and/or sales rooms. In Australia it is probably more commonly known for its application in the winemaking industry however appears to have originally gained popularity in the US through the rise of speakeasies during the prohibition (which were often hidden in basements).”

Served in a dimpled mug the amber pour reveals copper highlights when held against the light. Capping it off is a quickly fading finger of white head that reduced to minimal lacing. The aroma boasts doughy and malty sweet characters with quaint undertones of caramel, toffee and biscuit. Almost non-existent hop aromas with a very muted undertone of white fleshed fruits barely coming through. Pretty simple. The carbonation is mild-moderate with low bitterness. The mouth feel is smooth with high session ability. On the tongue it’s slightly grainy upfront with hints of sweet malts, followed by caramel/toffee notes through the mid. Soft, malty finish with a light bitterness in the background. Good length. 5.5% ABV is bang on. Just a well rounded, highly sessional Märzen style lager. Nice one lads, highly drinkable small batch lager here.