4 pines kolsch


4 pines kolschMost probably Australia’s best representation of a Kolsch. We can say this before the review because we have had many a session on this classy brew. All one has to do is have a look at the awards – “Gold!!! Australian International Beer Awards 2010 Silver!! Australian International Beer Awards 2012. Bronze! Australian Craft Brewing Awards 2014.”

If we were in Cologne we’d be asking for the traditional glassware, which would be a tumbler, but unfortunately we don’t have that luxury so this we served in a shaker glass. The translucent straw-gold pour produced a snow white one and a half finger head that eventually settles to a light covering over the top. Average lacing. Off the nose we’re getting dominant grainy wafts of cereal malts, oats, spice, a touch of honey and toast. A subtle dash of citrus and herbs liven it up a little but the pale and wheat malts take center stage. Mouth feel is smooth and airy with mild-medium carbonation. Very light on. Slightly watery upfront as the flavour seems to slide right off the tongue. Gentle grains and a hint of corny DMS in the mid-palate are complimented by a mildly bitter finish. Some dryness on the tongue along with a light, fruity back end does somewhat display mediocre length. 4.6% ABV is about the standard for Kölsch. Look, it’s not a German Kolsch but it certainly goes down very easily. A good session beer.