Matilda bay ‘fat yak’ pale ale


Matilda bay fat yak pale aleWe know this is a very common beer for South East Coast Australians so this is more for the interstate and international followers. Served in a shaker glass the translucent amber pour constructs a bubbly 1 inch white head before settling to a ring around the edge of the glass. OK lacing. The nose is slightly subdued but pretty well balanced. Bottle states proudly that it’s late hopped but the sweet malts with wafts of honey and caramel show through solidly. The hops do deliver floral and herbal aromas with fruity undertones of candied orange, mango and pineapple. A little too thin in the mouth as the liquid slips off the tongue way too easily. Moderate carbonation and body. Quite light on for a pale ale with only a very mild hop bitterness that develops around the mid and vanishes before the finish. Light zesty fruit and a hint of caramel carry through and finish with a soft herbal back end. Short length. Only 4.7% ABV so there’s no real help there either. To be honest this is just way too commercial, and considering itt’s now owned by CUB is a real turnoff. On the upside it’s very sessional and easy to find in most commercial pubs On the East Coast of Australia. A big meh from us.