Alesmith Brewing Company IPA


15267807_606464612871021_519178778027027413_n“It’s Pretty Awesome. A San Diego classic, AleSmith IPA showcases the versatility of American hops. Aromas of grapefruit and tangerine lead into an abundance of fresh pine and tropical fruit notes followed by a crisp, resinous bitterness. The complex hop profile is supported by a firm malt presence to create an incredibly flavorful and well-balanced IPA.”

Served in an IPA glass. The Bright amber complexion boasts brilliant clarity. The pour aroused a fluffy two finger head that only peels off a smidge as it settles to a thick overlay with a smattering of hieroglyphic lace left in its wake. Looks incredible!
The first whiff of this beauty forces the eyes shut in total IPA bliss. It’s big, hoppy and slightly resinous but it’s so well balanced by these sweet candy-like sugars and the doughy malt backing that it’s just singing! She possesses quite a floral aspect too with a tropical fruit bouquet leading a kind of herbaceous/grassy hop note. Wafts of fresh pineapple also begin to present as it settles in the glass. Brilliant aroma. In the mouth it’s super smooth, velvety and quite crisp. The 7.25% ABV doesn’t overplay its hand and the 73 IBU is very well behaved. An absolute pleasure to drink. Upfront we get this delicious fusion of floral and citric hops with a delicate yet eager alcohol warmth supporting it. All the while a bready malt hangs back and eventually gets introduced through the mid. The finish is dry, bitter and grassy with with hints of pine resins on the back palate.
That is an IPA we could definitely get used to drinking often. The effortless mouth feel, the big juicy aroma and the smooth procession of flavours make this an incredibly tasty number. Kudos Alesmith this is a ripper!