Bacchus Brewing ‘Salted Caramel’ Imperial Porter


CF9CDC4B-5584-4CBD-A9BE-E2C3AE66E756Glassware: Poured into a pint glass.

Appearance: Lovely mahogany/deep ruby coloured body with a bubbly tan coloured 10mm head that fizzes out after 10-15seconds showing a high degree of carbonation that almost tries to form another head but it just swirls around. Interestingly, there is a faintly detected slick on the top of the brew where the head isn’t. We note that this brew was bottled only 2 days ago! This may explain the carbonation. It’s almost too carbonated.

Aroma: Full sweet caramels, almost butterscotch like, with molasses, mild chocolates and a velvety, almost lactose nose. Has a bit of liquor like heat to it.

Flavour: The toffee/butterscotch like sweetness mixes with a slightly briny finish, hence salted caramel. We get a lot of booze heat, sitting with more molasses, and a touch of vegemite like yeast. Roasted malts give it that slightly ash like character.

Mouthfeel: We thinking due to recent bottling, this brew would do wonderfully opened and left to breathe for a bit to ease of the booze.. it is 8.9% alc vol. The bitterness cuts in and leaves a nice finish on the palate, alongside a creaminess or oiliness on the lips. Has great length due to the sweetness and saltiness that matches beautifully. Carbonation dies off 2/3rds way through. Medium and full bodied given the imperial nature.

Overall: So rich and aromatic, yet sweet and velvety in the mouth. This bottle was a bit boozy but we know that it’s likely that it’s due to it being bottled literally 2 days ago. Give it a bit breathe and enjoy the desert like qualities it has.