Bear Republic Brewing Co. Rare BA Sangiovese Kolsch


33622899_861232870727526_1648111236467916800_n“Dry Creek Sangiovese juice from Orsi Family Home Vineyards blended w/ light Kolsch and refermented in oak barrels. Fruity grape notes, oaky mouthfeel, and a crisp Kolsch finish.”

Glassware: Tumbler.

Appearance: We’re seeing a pink-ish red hue with a short head that vanishes instantly. And no head = no lace!

Aroma: Tart citrus overtones with red berries and soft oak tannins in support. It gives off a super refreshing effervescence, kind of how a lemon, lime and bitters would. Definitely getting a hint of the vinous red wine coming through with that surprisingly pleasant lacto funk cutting in. Lovely.

Flavour: It comes on a bit stronger than anticipated. Tart citrus and sharp lacto/pedio funk cutting through those oak tannins and soft vanilla notes upfront. More of that red wine and berries through the mid leading in to a mildly tart and drying finish.

Mouthfeel: Quite light on actually – must be due to the lager/kölsch body. Big and bitey 8.7% ABV to counteract it though. 15 IBU with a vibrant co2.

Overall: A thoroughly pleasant beer. It would be the perfect substitution for a rosé or a sparkling red which would pair beautifully with either spiced duck, pork and cheddar based cheese. Hits the spot!