Bells Beach Brewing ‘Impossible Point’ IPA


14915461_590238834493599_5067840490679422238_n“We couldn’t help taking a few liberties with the name Point Impossible (or better known as Possos). ¬†Our IPA has a really full body but is silky smooth just like the long reef break at Possos. Using Gladfield malt as the base and a good helping of Crystal malt to give body and sweetness to balance the bitterness, flavour and aroma from the copious quantities of Galaxy, Wakatu and Motueka hops.”

Served in an IPA glass. From the pour she works from a light red centre to edges of deep amber and orange. It’s capped off with a finger of well retained, thick and creamy foam that hangs a sheet of lace down the walls of the glass. The aroma of this IPA is actually quite unique. The angle the brewers are coming from is certainly one of Kiwi origin as the malt profile and hop bill are largely made up of ingredients from NZ. The nose is really green and luscious with an emphasis on lime. In support are suggestions of spice, lychee, gooseberry, vine leaves, mint, aniseed and even a faint coffee note. A very welcome change from other IPAs on the market. The mouth feel is accommodating, light on and gentle in bitterness. Extremely sessional for its 6.2% ABV. Co2 and body are both moderate. Very approachable. Upfront there are a lot of similarities to the aroma – we get this juicy lychee flavour with a good backing of biscuity and sweet toffee malts to balance. As it progresses over the mid the vinous and leafy notes pick up the delicate bitterness and deliver a crisp, dry finish with a hefty herbaceous note on the rear. It’s a funny one this beer, because of all the tropical citrus, herbs and fruit we’re actually of the belief we’re doing our bodies a favour! Although the liver may not agree, our taste buds are and that’s the main thing (sorry liver). It’s tasty, unique and super refreshing. A solid summer drop from this little Victorian microbrewery.