Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer Saison


14915437_590238367826979_4240165094208172123_n“A Belgian styled Saison, the use of a specific Saison yeast imparts typical tartness as well as underlying wine notes, with one of the yeast strains in the mix having red wine origins. Golden in colour with an astringent dryness, making this a refreshing Belgian ale. Saison is brewed with pure Otway rainwater. This beer is one of three in the Otway Trilogy Series of French and Belgian Farmhouse Ales, others include Reserve De Otway and Farmhouse Ale (7.2%)”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. Pouring a hazy amber hue with a fizzy two finger head on top. It doesn’t hold up for long as it collapses to a ring without much lace on the glass. The nose presents as somewhat conventional in its delivery of champagne-like citric funk and spicy notes. Fruit esters, fresh pear, banana runts and bubblegum all tie in beautifully with the super sweet malt backing. Maybe just a slight impression of bitters coming through too. The texture of the beer is light and a little gassy with energetic Co2. The 7.2% ABV only mildly reveals itself with a warming heat on the back end. Low bitterness. Mild-medium in body. We’re getting quite a bit of yeasty spice, sweet malts and candied orange on entry. Just a hint of tartness underlining it as a taste of fresh coriander and white pepper bridges the mid palate. The finish is dry, musty and spicy with a considerable amount of funk closing it out. She’s a bit of a stayer too as it really draws out some length in the tail. That’s a pretty good crack at this traditional French style. We like how it’s sold in 750ml bottles because once the 7.2% ABV is considered this beer could easily substitute a bottle of champagne. The similarities in Co2, citrus and its dry refreshing texture make for a perfect replacement. And it pairs well with a whole range of different cuisine! Not bad.