Birraficio toccalmatto ‘stray dog’ no rules bitter


image“We took our beloved English session ale and traditional British hopping adding our touch with a dry-hopped American for an explosive fruity citrus. Excellent with grilled meats such as ham or classic shoulder of San Secondo. Cheese cow delicate as a young Asiago or Cheddar. Perfect with an evening at the pub”.

This is our first crack at this classy looking Italian breweries range. Served in a shaker glass the murky copper orange pour produced a thick, pillowy two finger head that persists. Thick, soapy lacing is left all the way down the glass. The first element we picked up in this slightly complex aroma was it’s earthy character. A lovely presence of chewy caramel, toffee and fig jam are backed up by doughy undertones of brioche and biscuit malt. A slight waft of butter is making us a tad wary (as this can sometimes means the fermentation process was cut short) but we proceed. In the mouth it felt frothy with a touch of mild-medium carbonation. Medium bodied. The tongue is initially met with a light dose of sweet malts, offering up hints of raisin and toffee. The sweet malts hold through the mid-palate which is accentuated with a mild presence of spicy hops. Tangerine and mandarin put a zesty and delicious signature on the finish. 4.2% ABV is low but, not to worry because the levels and the array of flavour in this beer is really surprising. Hats off to these guys, they’ve put a really tasty spin on a traditional ESB. Solid stuff.