Brew cult ‘Supafly’ RIPA


image“Know what gives an IPA a real groovy kick? Rye. Why? Because rye lets the hops take you away. Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo will open your mind like a parachute (it only works when it’s open). Only then will you become Supa Fly”.

Really cool retro label. We popped this open and were waiting for the disco ball to drop down, the song ‘funky town’ to come on and the fro’s to come out. Unfortunately we’re not living in a dream so we’ll just push on with the review. This beer from Victoria pours a dark copper with mild reddish hues and a massive bubbly 1 inch head which stays foamy. Laces well. Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops offer all the gorgeous tropical fruity aromas on the nose –  grapefruit, passion fruit, lychee, mango & pine apple stand out while the rye adds a firm spiciness. The first sip exhibits nice bitterness but smooth and rounded off nicely by the rye malt. We get the 5.8% alc volume. Plenty of suspended sediment in the glass so store this baby upright. All in all, it’s an ok rye IPA but nothing really amazing about it. No real dominant flavours to speak of, other than tart fruits. In saying that, it is highly drinkable due to its smoothness.