Mission brewery IPA


image“Fraught with hops complex, vigorous and virile. Endowed with a subtle malt character for a sturdy and balanced ale. Our Award-Winning interpretation of the popular style reflects both the history of the IPA and the distinctive and relatively modern American variation. Cascade and Centennial hops are employed generously and the result is an earthy ale that is most drinkable.”

Another top notch craft brewery to come out of the West coast of the USA. Served in an IPA glass the appearance displays a cloudy straw gold with a big, pillowy 2 finger head that retains quite well. Lots of thick foamy residue is left behind. Quite a bit of heavy sediment settles on the bottom of the glass so watch your pour if you want to avoid this. Aroma is dry, giving off plenty of spicy hops. A plethora of undertones including grapefruit, orange peel, dried tea leaf, white pepper and pine resin also come through. Mouth feel was on the dry side with medium carbonation. Medium body. Upfront the punchy, bitter hops along with the citric addition of grapefruit dominates the taste buds. The mid-palate takes on more earthy notes which is rounded off by a bitter, citric finish. 6.8% ABV is quite well hidden among all the astringent hoppy bitterness but it all seems a little unbalanced. A decent IPA, just nothing overly special.