Brewcult ‘Hop Zone’ Session IPA


imageJimmy says “get in the zone”. You love hops. So here’s all the hops wrapped up in a nice session strength beer so you can get your lupulin hit all day long. The Hop Zone.

First thoughts after we pop the cap are a nice mixture of pine, citrus aroma like mild grapefruit, and some juicy tropical sweetness like pineapple or guava, and white wine. On pouring, there is an ultra clear dark golden, light copper body with some carbonation. Retention of the head is excellent and the 10mm barely budges. A white airy cap really sticks to the glass. First sip has that obvious woody/earthy hop flavour with gentle biscuit malt. Moderate bitterness exists on the palate but not overbearing. We don’t get a lot of the tropical flavour on tasting but definitely pine, definite citrus/grapefruit, and vinous or grape like flavours which could mean that nelson Sauvin hops have been used?? The carbonation is mild in the mouth and quite refreshing. It’s crisp alright. Body is mild like a lager. This IPA sits at 5% so great for a session indeed! As we get to the end, there is patching lacing down the glass and the main flavours interesting enough are bitterness and white wine. We think for a light IPA its crisp and enjoyable. Good use of hops here. Not too sweet, not too bitter. It’s a nice beer.