Mad River ‘Jamaica Brand) sunset IPA


imageDifferent to Russian River which to be honest, we can’t get our bloody hands on because they sell out in a split second’, this is an IPA of 7% and other than that we get no information or storyline. Bor-ing. But let’s not be assholes and judge a book by its cover. Popping off the cap, we get a mixture of sweet caramal malt, pine, some citrus. There is a copper pour here with an immense amount of floating sediment completely dispersed throughout the glass. A 10mm white head settles fairly quickly leaving a patchy, soapy rim on the glass. First sip is really nice. There is a floral aspect to it. Like tangerine, mandarin, mild citrus. Very contained bitterness on the palate. It’s got nice length but not too astringent from 7% alc vol. The malt and the hops marry very well. The sweet malt is not overpowering , and the hops ratio means that nothing overpowers here so on the palate, it’s very drinkable. There is moderate body here. There is nothing amazing about this IPA but for someone venturing out from your commercial crap, this will go down well. You wouldn’t want to have too many though. We reckon you would feel a little pissed. Not amazing, but definately not bad.