Brookes white IPA


imageBack in the day India Pale Ale was brewed with double hops to help it survive the long voyage from England to India. At Brookes, our IPA is all about freshness – its enjoyable bitterness burtsting with lifted aromatic fresh hop flavours. Made especially for hopheads, this is a boldly hopped IPA with more than 70IBU’s of Warrior, Citra and Chinook hops that accentuate the citrus and pine characters of these US hops. Yellow/Gold in colour with plenty of big citrus on the nose it finishes dry with a pleasant lingering resinous hoppiness.”

This type of brew has recently intrigued us. We were absolutely blown away by Deschutes version of the white IPA we almost gave it a 10/10. Poured into an IPA glass the appearance displayed a milky straw yellow with minimal head and lacing. The aroma is quite unique. Initially a zesty waft of ginger hits the olfactory’s. Clove, lemongrass, lime and other spices capture an amazingly risky yet brilliant summery aroma. Mildly carbonated with a silky soft mouth feel. A big fruity palate splashes the tongue with zesty lime, lemon and grape. Some hops on the back end round off a slightly outbalanced, yet still very enjoyable beer. 5.2% ABV is spot on and would go great on a hot day but the only downside is that the IPA flavors seem to be amiss and can almost be mistaken for a ginger beer. Otherwise, not bad.