Chimay tripel


chimay_peresTrappistesWe absolutely love the Chimay series, the fact that it’s a Trappist definitely makes it unique and much more appealing.

Served in a beer tulip the hazy amber-orange appearance reminds us of a good looking IPA. Capping it off is a white 2 finger head that eventually settles to a light dusting that omits plenty of healthy lacing down the glass. The aroma is actually quite subdued for a Belgian Tripel with it’s champagne-like spritziness coming up the strongest while the milder hints of banana, clove, lemon, esters and alcohol are backing it up. Pretty standard aroma for a Tripel but no one can argue that the Belgians do it the best. In the mouth it’s slightly dry with a frothy texture. Lively carbonation with medium-full body. Upfront the firm citric lemon and slight tart sourness has a mild hay flavour to ease the intensity. Some light alcohol warming through the mid delivers a refreshing citrusy finish which displays good duration on the tongue. 8% ABV is evident in aroma and flavour but what would a Belgian ale be without a little booze burn? Solid Tripel, but to be honest, not as good as the blue label or even the red. Still, a nice ale.