Clown shoes ‘Muffin top’ Belgian-style Tripel IPA


imageOnce again the boys at Clown Shoes return with a really crafty looking brew. We also have to commend on their ever-impressive artwork on the label.

Served in an IPA glass the almost clear copper/amber pour arouses a huge 3 finger crown that slowly simmers down. Excellent head retention allowing tonnes of thick, soapy lacing to be strewn down the glass. There are some truly amazing aromas emanating here, our first thoughts are sweet, sugary, spicy and caramelised. Quite complex actually. This hybrid style IPA has all the lush tropical fruits on offer like passion fruit, pineapple, lychee and tangerine but what is most impressive is the way the Tripel-like sugary sweetness cuts through but never overpowers. Hints of candied fruits, musk, fairy floss, spice, caramel, alcohol and raisin are an absolute delight to take in. Mind blowing! OK, now we’ve come down off the aroma we proceed to the mouth feel which is quite dry and sharp. Carbonation is mild while the body is medium-full. The taste is sparked by an astringent alcohol burn (10.5% ABV) which is accelerated by hints of cedar wood but soothed by subtle banana and candy through the mid. Bitter citrus fruits carry forward and deliver an even more bitter finish which lingers for an eternity on the back palate. Excellent duration. Wow, the head is absolutely buzzing. Well we have had hybrids that impress but this is just phenomenal, the way the brewers have balanced these two styles together reflects their true prowess and passion of craft beer. We feel blessed to have drunk this beer, absolutely top shelf stuff. Big ups.