De Ranke “De Dottignies’ Saison


imageWe’ve actually been having quite a bit of trouble finding any useful information on this Saison. It is our first crack at this breweries range but what we found peculiar is the fact that they don’t list this as one of their beers on their website. So, apologies for that, we’ll move on.

Unwrapped, popped and served from the 750ml bottle in to a beer tulip. Not much of a hiss upon cracking it but a hazy yet bright amber hue is topped off by a healthy three finger cap anyway. The head reduces quite rapidly to a fingernail’s height with wavy lace patterns trailing it down. Similar to all good Saison’s, this aroma is dry, yeasty and slightly funky. A mild lemon tartness leads out with a soft clove spiciness right behind. We do get a bit of that artificial banana lolly yeastiness but in fact it’s more stone fruit-like, either apricot or peach. The malts have a white bread crustiness to them, becoming more doughy once the beer comes up to room temperature. Really nice. So light but maintaining that funky complexity on the nose. Quite a frothy texture in the mouth. Co2 is medium-high while the body is mild-medium. No ABV stated on the bottle but numerous websites put it at 5.5% which would explain the light feel and lack of alcohol burn. The palate initially offers up a delicious combination of pear, fruit esters, hay and a dry, grassy hop bitterness that persists on through the mid. A peppery spice, a kind of mineraly note and a soft citric acidity forms before a dry, peppery finish rounds it all out. Good length. Wow! Plenty going on here. Shows the brewing skills posessed as the complexity is layered and gels very nicely. Nothing clashes, just a really well constructed Saison. Solid offering.