La Trappe Bockbier


image“This unique seasonal product is the world’s only Trappist bock ale. Brewed exclusively with natural ingredients, this ale post-ferments slightly in its bottle. It has a deep red colour, an intensely rich taste, and a malty aroma. Aromatic hop varieties and types of burnt malt render this ale its delicate bitterness that blends surprisingly well with its slightly sweet undertone.”

Served from a caged and corked 750ml bottle in to a wide-rimmed tulip glass. The elegant appearance displays a rich mahogany with burgundy highlights. A creamy three finger head is formed but it casually ebbs to a thin overlay with a tonne of wavy lace trails following it down. Looks good. As to be expected the aroma is rich, moreish and pretty complex. The initial scents exciting the olfactory’s include toffee, caramel, brown sugar and dried fig. There are malts a plenty but we can definitely detect a nutty malt along with a chocolate malt aswell. Dark fruits also come through, there is a plummy and or raisiny sweetness that works beautifully in to this savoury apple pie/stewed pear fragrance. Trust these Dutch masters to nail the aroma. Absolutely divine! In the mouth it’s full and creamy with low Co2. So smooth and velvety, it literally coats the whole mouth as it travels down effortlessly. No bitterness whatoever as the rich malts snuff out any alcohol (7%) burn there would possibly be. Superb. The flavour profile opens with a copious malt sweetness. Molasses springs to mind as does prunes/raisins and ripened cherries. A subtle peppery/oriental spice joins the fray as a doughy malt bridges the mid. As it progresses forward the sweet caramel/toffee notes return and deliver a sweet, malty finish with a lingering dryness on the rear palate. Again, so complex and layered. We knew this was going to be a great drop. These Trappist monks of La Trappe have mastered their art and produced the world’s one and only Trappist Bock. Titles aside, this brew is perfectly complex. it’s rich full bodied and packed with flavour but here’s the clincher….They’ve brewed a traditionally German beer better than most German breweries! Gotta love the Dutch eh?