Deschutes & Distelhäuser ‘Doppel Dinkel’ Bock


image“After a friendship that spans two decades, Deschute’s Brewery and Germany’s Distelhauser decided to collaborate on this unique brew, dubbed Doppel Dinkel Bock, which deftly balances the malt profile from Germany with the hop qualities of the Pacific Northwest.”

We served this in a weizen glass. The light copper pour produced about one and a half fingers worth of beige foam that eventually settles to a halo around the edge of the glass. OK lacing. What’s really cool about this beer is the usual wheat malt that is normally used in Bock’s has been substituted for Spelt which is emanating lovely wafts of hazelnut, biscuit, grain, dough, raisin, malty-sweet, toffee, pepper and marmalade. A decent whiff of alcohol pushes in and adds an extra dimension to this already solid aroma. The mouth feel is thick and creamy with mild-medium carbonation. Medium-full body. Rich flavours of toffee, caramelised banana and alcohol (10.7% ABV) work it’s way forward into a spicy mid-palate, accentuated again by a slight alcohol warming. Some earthy and sweet toffee malts carry forward and deliver a nutty finish with a plethora of lingering flavours on the back palate. Booze, banana lollies, spice and raisin sit on the tongue for an eternity displaying amazing duration. Thick, sticky, viscous and rich. What we have here is a unique, and essentially, top notch beer. We are basking in these complex, caramelised flavours. Big ups, this is an excellent Doppelbock.