Dia de Los Muertos ‘hop on or die’ IPA


image“Copper color, full bodied beer with rich malt tones perfectly balanced between a smooth and delicate sweetness and just the right amount of bitterness. Great hop / floral aromas”.

We have to take our sombreros off to these Mexican brewers, it’s great to see some craft beer coming out of a country that is drowning in Corona. Anyhow, served in an IPA glass, the slightly hazy amber-orange pour whips up tow fingers of fluffy white foam. Good head retention and laced well. Aroma is slightly malt-forward with nice floral perfumes. A tad dusty with undertones of subtle resinous hops, orange, caramel, biscuit and doughy malts. Smooth mouth feel with medium body. Medium carbonation. Similar to the aroma, the flavour starts with mild bready malts that develops hints of pine and bittering grapefruit in the mid-palate. The grapefruit is immediately accentuated by an aggressive bitter finish that makes a late appearance displaying long duration on the tongue. A little alcohol warming in the back end (5.9% ABV) Provides a little sting in the tail, though by the end the bitterness and the burn is more subdued and it becomes easier drinking. We’re a little undecided. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.