Edge brewing ‘ashes to mashes’ wattleseed stout


image“An Export Stout with home roasted and crushed wattleseed additions. Apart from exhibiting wonderful hazelnut, cocoa and coffee flavours, wattleseed also has some demonic qualities. This is the first batch, with plain text as label. New batches (revised recipe) are listed under Ashes Two Mashes.”

This is our first crack at this Victorian breweries range. Served into a tulip glass the appearance displays an opaque black with a quickly fading tan head. The foam rapidly collapsed to a ring around the side of the glass leaving minimal lacing. We can’t seem to pick up a lot off the nose. The aroma is restrained and this unwelcome metallic fragrance seems to come through, but as quickly as it comes it goes and a more olfactory-friendly scent of nuts, roasted malts and mild coffee pop up. Unfortunately there isn’t even a suggestion of wattle seed in the aroma. In the mouth there is mild-medium carbonation with a disappointingly thin and slippery texture. Some subtle coffee, chocolate and nuts show up on the palate but that’s about it. Again the wattle seed is all but MIA in the taste. On the bright side a subtle bitter espresso does linger on the back end nicely. The 7.8% ABV is quite well hidden but a surprise considering the lack of any discernible aroma and flavour. A big MEH! There are some hallmarks of a nice stout but overall it’s dull and lifeless. To be honest the black wattle seed ale by Barons is far better.