Dieu de Ciel ‘ Moralite’ IPA


imageWe have not had a beer from this brewery in Quebec for eternity so we are very excited to try this latest edition which is an American styled IPA. Please let it be as good as the Aphrodisiaque.

Poured into a schooner glass we get an absurdly enormous head. It’s like a thick cloud that doesn’t budge. We hope this hasn’t fermented. Underneath this we get lots of minuscule carbonation bubbling up through the hazy sediment driven golden body. The aroma is very strong emanating from the glass. We can smell it at least 15 cams away! Aromas of perfume, peach, guava, pine, soft booze, caramels. First sip is divine. So so smooth in the mouth which is typical of this brewery. I don’t think I have seen lacing like this on a glass. It’s like thick foam. Not sure to laugh or not. Body is mild to moderate as there is a watery aspect to the brew as it slides down. Bitterness is contained very nicely with a light clean malt bill. Good length though. More citrus, pine, and grapefruit on the palate now. Finally the lacing has calmed down but it’s an artwork down the glass. Carbonation is low in the mouth by now. Alc vol is 6.9% and hardly perceptible. We wish the mouthfeel was a little bit fuller but really we having trouble being too critical as its a tasty IPA. Floral, zesty, not to sweet but enough bitterness here. Good drop.