Doctors Orders ‘Anaphylaxis’ Manuka smoke Chipotle black IPA


imagePilsner Malt delicately smoked with NZ Manuka wood gives this beer it’s smooth smokey sweet aroma. This blends beautifully with the subtle heat from chipotle peppers and floral, resin hops.

Poured into a schooner glass, we see dark mahogany colours in the body, and there is a massive 20mm creamy beige/off white head with tightly jammed carbonation. Big lacing wall as the head very slowly recedes. We love the juicy fruit hops with a chilli spice hit, alongside subtle smoke and ash. Almost jammy. First sip is dominating bitterness on the palate. We get more smoke and ash from the Manuka but very contained pepper hit from the chipotle on the throat. This is the least perceptible now. The more sips you have, you taste the mild espresso like flavours woven into the medium density of the brew. Good length here. Despite the 7.5% Alc vol, you can’t really tell because the brewing process is well balanced. The resiny hops mix nicely into the bitterness afforded by the citrusy stone fruits. There is a toffee sweetness to the malt, and also a presence of nuttiness. More dried fruits. As you drink the carbonation is only mild to medium so it’s real easy to put down. The thick lacing clings to the glass as it disappears down my gullet. Very smooth drop this one. We really like this brew. Very tasty and a good collage of flavours all well balanced. Maybe a bit more pepper to round it off? Either way, this beer is worth the spend.