Yulli’s Brews ‘Cocky laura’ West Coast IPA


imageWhen trouble boils in Harv’s pot and the call goes out for the latest hop..when fires burn and cauldrons bubble, when you think you’ve seen double, we will be there to help you through with a special yulli’s brew.

We love West Coast IPA, and we love that this brew comes from Surry Hills, right in the heart of Sydney. Hand writing on the label is an interesting ploy..speaks of home brew. Poured into a schooner glass, we see a lovely Amber, dark orange hue with a 10mm head that fades quickly leaving sudsy bubbles around the rim of the glass. We get a solid hop offering here of pine, tropical fruit and citrus, like the perfume of orange peel. There is toffee malt making up the backbone. Smells similar-ish to our favourite 777, minus the alcohol. First sip confirms its nothing like our beloved 777. We get a vanilla hit, which has surprised us. We taste booze which isn’t overpowering and we get a slightly watery mouthfeel which has also surprised us for 6.8%. Definite grapefruit-like citrus flavours are now clinging to the palate, as well as a dank, vegetable presence. Do we sense a minty freshness? We detect musk too. Strong bitterness when you swish around the mouth. We don’t get a lot of tropical hops now as we getting through this. Just bitter and boozy. We get patchy lacing down the glass. Despite the Alc vol it’s deceptively light on in the body. We not quite sure how we feel about this one. Maybe a tad unbalanced? It’s not your typical west coast IPA. Not bad, nothing memorable.