Stone and Wood ‘Big Scrub’


imageWith only 1% left of the largest sub tropical rainforest on the east coast, the remnants of Big Scrub serve as a reminder to preserve the beauty of our backyard. This is a new age lager that balances the subtle malt foundation with a firm bitterness and dry finish.

Poured into a schooner glass, we get a big 15-20mm white fluffy head with a mixture of bubbles tha retains really well. Decent carbonation coming up through the glass here. It’s got a cloudy straw coloured body. Typical lager hop here, and light malt mainly on the nose. In the mouth you can tell this is not a commercial lager, but it’s not that far off. There is a sweetness to the malt, with contained carbonation. Lots of grassy notes here on the palate, and there could easily be herbs thrown in here to add complexity. Really smooth on the palate, with a dry bitterness but definitely not overpowering. It all glides down effortlessly, as the body is only mild to medium (Alc vol of 5.5%). Just mild restrained sweet caramel, cereal notes and very mild floral hops. We not really sure where the whole ‘greeny, environmentalist’ thing comes in…yes there are grassy, herbaceous notes here and maybe we need to check their website and see whether additives out of their ‘backyard’ are included but we just get a slightly fuller, smoother lager. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just mediocre. Entry level craft beer here.