Dollar Bill Brewing 2018 ‘Autumn Parlay’ BA Wild Fruit Beer


45361696_977262619124550_571309252564484096_n (1)“Wild Fermented on Organic Cabernet Sauvignon whole bunch grapes from the Pyrenees. This slightly sour fruit ale sat on skins and stems for 6 months. This beer exhibits classic Cab Sav flavours of green pepper, tobacco and black cherries along with some tannins fro a dryer mouth feel.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: Kind of dark purple affair with burgundy hues when held to the light. It forms a wispy purple coloured head which settles to a halo. Seeing a wet lace drag as we imbibe. Looks fantastic!

Aroma: Very pleasant, some vinous qualities, red grape juice and musty wine cellar at the top. Layers of mixed berries, aniseed, light earthy tones and red wine vinegar also present. Hard to go past this somewhat candied scent it’s almost like cherry lip smackers. Loving how the red wine tannins start revealing themselves as it warms. Solid!

Flavour: Quite interesting actually, hardly any sourness at all it’s mostly tart red berries, grape juice, woody oak tannin, earth, cereal malts, mixed berries and candied red fruits making up the bulk of it. Hints of funky and mild fruity sourness with just a touch of manky cheese late in the piece.

Mouthfeel: Light tannic texture. Minerals and soft bubbly froth complimenting it. Fine carbonation and a seriously well hidden AbV (8%).

Overall: We’ve had our eye on this brewery for a while so we were finally lucky enough to stumble across some at Oldfield’s in Gosford. Even though we’re not blown away we’re not disappointed, maybe we were expecting a bit more sourness. Nevertheless it’s a nice beer to suit this 30 degree Sydney arvo!