Dugges ‘idjit’ imperial stout


image“An imperial stout with potency. Black as night and as strong as sin, it provokes strong feelings and warm hearts. Can be used to cure cold disposition. This beer has been “clinically tested” in Russia since Catherine the Great time.”

Interesting label, and our first crack at this Swedish breweries range. “Swedish”, that’s a country we don’t usually talk about much, let’s see how they shape up in the craft beer world. Served in a beer tulip the opaque black pour produces a 1 finger brown head that gradually collapsed to a thin ring of foam around the edge of the glass. The lacing is really strange, the foam actually crystalizes inside the glass. Something we’ve never seen before. A thick and astringent aroma are our first thoughts here. Rich and complex notes of espresso, dark chocolate, liquorice, booze, leather, cocoa, wood fire and molasses are just some of the pungent fragrances we are experiencing. In the mouth it feels oily with mild carbonation. Full bodied. Upfront a huge punchy bitterness from the hops and espresso is felt, while a creamy undertone of vanilla and chocolate smoothes it out. The mid-palate offers a strong smokiness with hints of salty game that moves forward onto a bitter and roasted finish. Lasting roasted flavours mirror the good length. 9.5% ABV is spot on for this imperial stout. To be honest we weren’t really expecting much but this Swedish brewery has really come through here. Very good imperial stout.