Stone brewing co. ‘ruination’ DIPA


image“So called because of the immediate ruinous effect on your palate. 100+ IBUs. Bracingly bitter. Thick, pungent hop aroma. We would say that no hops were injured in the brewing of this beer, but that would be a massive lie. In fact, the words “Stone Ruination IPA” are what older hop vines use to cause little hop vines to quiver with fright and lose sleep at night . We at Stone honor the brutal massacre of countless hops with this “Liquid poem to the glory of the hop!” Paganism at its best!”

This is our first crack at this fine American breweries range. Served in an IPA glass the slightly hazy orange pour produced a tight 1 inch head that slowly peels away, leaving a thin cap of foam that persists on top. Laces well. Instantly big, bitter wafts of grapefruit, pine resin, white pepper and mandarin smacks as a west coast IPA. Sweet, tropical notes of passion fruit and peach are delivered on a caramel/biscuity malt backdrop. All the hallmarks of a tasty west coast IPA here. In the mouth it’s dry with medium carbonation and body. 100+ IBU as stated on the bottle reflects the highly bitter palate as grapefruit, orange peel and pine dominate upfront. The mid-palate does expose a subtle toasted biscuit malt but the hops quickly drown it out to deliver a dry, citric finish with subtle herbal tones and booze astringency. Great length, the pithy bitterness hangs around on the tongue for what feels like an eternity. The 8.2% ABV stunned us as we didn’t think to check until half way through. Very well disguised amongst the bold array of flavours going on. Once again the yanks are bang on with their excessively hopped, highly flavoursome IPA’s. Brilliant offering.