Emerson’s APA


image“Brewed and matured with generous quantities of distinctive Amercian hop varieties.
The return of an old favourite! First brewed as a festive brew for BrewNZ 2004 where it won two trophies; Festive Brew and the People’s Choice award. Now returning as a limited release. Sweet, biscuity, toasty malt flavours support the stonefruit, pine and citrus U.S. hop notes.”

This brewery is tucked away neatly, deep in the south island town of Dunedin, NZ.  Served in a shaker glass the amber-copper pour produced the standard 1 inches of off-white foam. Decent head retention that holds at a light covering on top. Mild lace. The nose represents one of the more malt-driven APA’s with caramel malts dominating the aroma. Quite doughy also with a muted hop profile. Hints of subtle orange peel, pine, jaffa and tropical fruit are also present. The mouth feel is smooth as silk with mild-medium carbonation. Medium bodied. Upfront we picked up a lovely, yet subtle peppery spice which marries up beautifully with the caramel malt-driven palate. Subtle hints of citrus, stone fruit and Jaffa are followed by a lengthy hop bitterness. Good duration on the tongue. At 6% ABV its definitely not the usual hop driven APA we come to expect but still a good beer. Nice work lads.