Endeavour ‘2011’ vintage pale ale


Endeavour pale aleThe 2nd and only other addition to the amber ale that we know of. Least to say its not a huge repertoire. Anyhow, we served in a shaker glass and enjoyed a transparent gold appearance. The head only manages to produce a 1/2 inch bubbly cap before fizzing away to a light dusting on top. Mild lace. The nose reveals a soft citrus character with a very present pale malt nuttiness. Slightly metallic. Hints of earthy hops, caramel and marmalade round it off. The mouth feel is smooth as silk with moderate carbonation. Very light on, the flavour slips off the tongue quite easily and makes it difficult to pick up any real flavour. What we manage to pick up is very muted citrus, almost cider-like taste atop a mild bitterness that holds up through to the rear-palate. Hints of earth and grain in the mid drown out and finish slightly bitter with a nice warmth on the back end. Not sure where the warming is coming from as this pale ale is only 5% ABV. Not one of the best Aussie pale ales we’ve had but it’s clean and its sessional. That’s about it.