Epic & Hop Federation ‘House of Nicholas’ ESB


13165954_517356888448461_4208350002436230774_n“This amazing tasting Epic/Hop Federation collaboration is a going to be a very popular beer. At a recent tasting 30% of attendees voted Heritage their beer of the night. Heritage has a malty nutty aroma and is golden copper in colour with a rich flavour of nutty, biscuity malt character from the Amber malt. The English grown hops are twined tightly around the malt in a flavour that is subtly herbal and Earthly. Hop flavour comes in very late in the after taste. Keen followers of Epic will love this great beer.”

Served in an English pint. The incredibly clear amber pour is topped off by a short one finger head that collapses to a fine overlay with wavy lace patterns left in its wake. Looks fantastic. Probably one of the most attractive ESB’s we’ve seen. The aroma is nice and rich – chock full of caramel sweetness, toast and nutty malts. There’s a lovely floral hop note that works beautifully in to the sugary honey/maple accents. Maybe some subtle stone fruits too, apricot or peach? Just a hint of earth and/or peat creeping in as well. Wow, gorgeous aroma, so multi layered with every aspect working in harmony. Brilliant. In the mouth it’s smooth and really well rounded, it gives the palate a good old coating. Co2 is moderate and the bitterness mild. It just rolls over the tongue with a super easy swallow – a real pleasure to drink. The combination of sweet and earthy malts initiate the flavour profile. The impeccable balance between sweet, earthy and caramelized is further complimented by a subtle floral hop character flowing through. The mid displays a gentle hop dryness as the earthy malts again drive forward in to a smooth, toasty and slightly nutty finish. Good length. There’s only one thing better than a traditional ESB and that is a new world ESB brewed to perfection. That’s what this beer is. All of the traditional flavours are here but they’re bigger, sweeter and well balanced too. These Kiwi brewers have nailed it. Solid offering.