Founder’s ‘reDANKulous’ Imperial Red IPA


27540219_809673282550152_4419119045372350993_n“reDANKulous Imperial Red IPA is a no frills, bold 9.5% ABV India Pale Ale. It pours a pleasing burnt amber with some sweetness due to the Caramalt and roasted barley used in the malt bill. But hops are the true headliner in this elaborate sensory experience. The spicy, piney, tropical complexities of Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe hops hit you right away with their dank aroma—and they stick around. Take a sip to have your palate simultaneously walloped and caressed in all the right places. Combined, the hops take the beer to 90 IBUs. It’s not just ridiculous. It’s reDANKulous.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Rusty amber with a nicely held two finger crown perched on top. Head retention is great, posting a thick and soapy lace down the walls of the glass.

Aroma: Rich, comforting and boozy with those stewed stone fruits out in front. Pine resins, cocktail fruit and chewy caramel malts for days! Slightly toasty, golden syrup, chlorine, cookie dough, burned orange and dank, dank, dank! Totally in-your-face but still quite well balanced we must admit.

Flavour: It’s an all out assault on the palate – big, bitey pine resins, grapefruit, stinging booze, citrus rind and fennel all but squash the lovely but subtle sweet caramel malt backing. Stays quite aggressive as the dank hops surge forward in to a super bitter finish which provides a nice malty sweetness in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Gelatinous texture. Full bodied, mild-moderate co2. 9.5% ABV and 90 IBU – both strident and rather palate – wrecking.

Overall: It’s an enormous beer, one for the adventurous drinker. Pronounced booze and hop bitterness with only a little to counter it. Approachable? No! Dank AF? Hell yes!