Garage Project ‘Cockswain’s Courage’ BA Porter


30594518_840039229513557_6139394147468967936_n“Tastes Like War”. Slogging up and down the mounts of Venus really takes it out of a chap. After a long day at it, his Lordship needs a special something to steady the legs. Brewed to his own special requirements, Lord Cockswain’s Double Barrel Blend is a judicious blend of freshly brewed Courage, and our brewery ‘stock’, aged for over 12 months in oak bourbon barrels. Combining the rich licorice, raisin and vanilla character of aged porter, with a lively sparkle and chocolate character of freshly brewed beer, the result is complex, powerful and deceptively drinkable. Just the way his lordship likes it.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Black with an inch of tan foam emerging on top. The head retains quite well and weaves a wavy lace pattern as we imbibe.

Aroma: Holy moly she certainly reveals those 18 months in bourbon barrels with big upfront notes of bourbon, vanilla, licorice, chocolate, oak chips, fortified wine, glazed cherry and a flutter of coffee. Seriously complex and ever evolving. Absolutely superb.

Flavour: Oh my goodness. It comes on vigorously with bourbon, alcohol, oak, vanilla and dark fruits. We can’t ignore this somewhat prominent cherry flavour which really develops midway. It morphs in to a raisin-y note that rolls in to this super complex, oaky and boozy finish which offers some dryness on the rear.

Mouthfeel: Rich, dense and warming – that 12.8% ABV is struggling to hide its weight. Mild co2 with full body.

Overall: Impressive! It has this KBS quality to it which we really like. But it’s the addition of this cherry-esque sweetness that gives the beer its unique edge. Kudos GP that’s an absolute corker. P.S would age well!