Hawkers Beer Pale Ale


14724450_583753185142164_6933214282257444472_n“A quintessential American style pale ale, hop forward and yet very balanced. This beer is a real thirst quencher.”

Served in a shaker glass. She pours a hazy golden orange hue with a considerable amount of suspended sediment floating around. It manages to arouse a finger of fizzy white foam before it recedes to a fine film with patches of scattered lacing left in its wake. Remarkably well balanced on the nose. We get a lot of stone fruit like peach, apricot and melon infused with a dash of ripe orange and hints of ruby grapefruit. The brilliant balance comes down to these sweet and grainy biscuit malts that not only help to fill it out but provide that lovely contrast. As to be expected there’s nothing aggressive on the palate. The feel is light and super smooth with a nice spritzy effervescence. Body is medium weight. Very approachable. Much of the character from the nose continues in to the flavour with sweet tropical fruits and biscuity malts along with a vibrant bitterness on entry. The middle is clean and slightly hoppy, hinting at notes of pine as it’s carried in to the clean, crisp and mildly dry finish. Good length shown as it draws out well on the close. That’s a really well brewed Pale Ale. Really, there aren’t many occasions where you couldn’t imagine yourself smashing a 6 pack of these. The balance is impeccable plus the lifted Co2 level makes it a genuine summer session beer. Hopefully Hawkers look at expanding in to other states soon because damn that’s a fine drop. Kudos Hawkers.