Holgate brewhouse ‘road trip’ American IPA



“The Perfect Holgate family holiday? A US Pacific North-West beer tour, of course. Result? Our 2009 odyssey to hop heaven lives on in this tribute to the spiritual home of craft beer. A super-charged but dangerously sessionable All-American hop-bomb, this golden hued IPA is loaded up with multiple additions of Chinook, Centennial and Citra hops from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, resulting in an explosion of piney, citrus and grapefruit flavour and aroma.”

We’ve been big fans of this classy Australian brewery for years now and the brewers rarely disappoint. Served in an IPA glass the amber pour would have offered good clarity if it hadn’t been for the unsettling sediment. On top, a tight 1 finger head persists leaving behind scattered lacing. On to the aroma and there is that brilliant resinous pine character emanating. Big, refreshing notes of spruce, herbs, mango, peach, passion fruit and grapefruit are well balanced on a biscuity malt backdrop. Simply gorgeous aroma, it’s no longer argued that the US produce the most aromatic and characteristic hops in the world. The Mouth feel has a dry texture with medium carbonation and body. The palate initially serves up big bitterness (65 IBU) that continues through to the back end. A subtle biscuity malt is detected before a dose of grapefruit and orange peel couple with the grassy, herbal hops and deliver a dry, citric finish with good length. 5.5% ABV is quite low for an American IPA but never does it inhibit the flavour or quality of this beer. Excellent IPA.