TO ØL ‘black ball’ porter


imageWe’re loving this Danish brewery at the moment. They’ve come storming onto the market here in Australia and we’re struggling to keep up with their releases.

Served in a tulip glass the opaque black pour produced a frothy 2 finger head that’s persisting, eventually settling to a fine layer on top. Laced well. First element that hits the olfactory is a subtle smokiness. 5 different malts in this brew make for plenty of roasty, chocolatey and nutty fragrances. To boast even more depth a soft scent of vanilla also creeps in. Very complex but balanced aroma. The mouth feel is round and oily with mild-medium carbonation. Full bodied. Similar to the aroma the palate displays upfront smokiness and lingers from beginning to end. Roasted malt and hints of charred wood in the mid deliver an astringent finish with hints of espresso and subtle chipotle style spice in the back end, which is certainly accentuated by the 8% ABV. To be honest we weren’t too sold on this initially but we’ve come around in the end. The brilliant length and balance between roasted malts and hops on the tongue is excellent. Couple that with the aroma and the background flavours and once again TO ØL have come through. Big ups….we liked it.