Hunter Beer Co. ‘The Grocer’ Doppelbock


15036471_600521053465377_2674136548965424785_nKeith already brews a brilliant all year round Bock but once in a while he will brew a bigger and meaner version – hence the name ‘The Grocer’ or the ‘Grosse’ Bock in German (translating to ‘the big bock’). Keith’s idea of a play on words! It’s brewed with 100% German ingredients. Lassen sie uns stecken in!

Once again our big old Stein glass gets a run. She pours a gorgeous chestnut brown with a short khaki head forming on top. It quickly retracts to a ring with scarce lace left on the glass. The nose is quite rich and complex – we get a syrupy molasses character with freshly cracked grain husks, dried figs, prunes, raisin, slight medical notes and a crusty/bready malt backing. Very traditional aroma, a certain nod to the 100% German ingredients. In the mouth it’s full and well rounded with a chewy and viscous texture. A good Co2 level provides a much needed boost of buoyancy while the well hidden 8.6% ABV offers a subtle all-round approach. A super sweet concoction of dark fruits, molasses, sweet malts and toffee plays out on entry while a caramelized brown sugar sweetness cuts down through the middle and continues across the mid. She then drops a massive malt bomb on the palate which fires hints of cocoa, rum & raisin, fig and doughy malt through to the sweet and fruity finish. We have to make note of the excellent length as well, she really goes the distance on the back end. Really good drop this one. If you were to try the core range Bock you would then get the gist of why this Doppelbock is so good. It is literally the bigger, ballsier big brother. Solid offering.