Hunter beer co. ‘VII’ Belgian strong ale


imageServed in a tasting paddle at Potter’s hotel in the Hunter Valley. Copper red pour produces a tight 1 finger off white head that retains really well. The head hangs about all the way to the end, yet surprisingly not a lot of lacing being released. The aroma is absolutely gorgeous, plenty of sweet fruits are being balanced by a rich presence of raisin and caramel malts. A dominating scent of strawberry is evident with undertones of creamy vanilla and tart berries. Brilliant aroma with plenty of depth. Mild-medium carbonation with a velvety mouth feel. Upfront some bitter hops marry up really well with sweet fruits and evident alcohol warmth. The mid-palate is quite rich with hints of raisin and slightly tart berries. Rounded off by a sweet mix of sherry and red fruits. The 7% ABV is the perfect level for this rich and full bodied beer. Excellent Belgian ale. Keep em comin’ guys.