Karl Strauss brewing co. ‘Red trolley’ Irish red ale


image“Back in the day, we brewed Red Trolley Ale as our first holiday beer. In the spirit of the season, we made like Santa in a fat suit and stuffed it full of caramel malts. So many folks got on board that we decided to brew it year round. Years later, Red Trolley Ale remains the perfect beer to make any occasion festive”.

Another top North-West Coast American micro-brewery this one, their pale ale and IPA are both brilliant beers so we’re expecting another belter of an ale here. Served in a tulip glass the ruby red/mahogany pour produces a half inch of tight beige foam that collapses slowly to a thick collar. Laced reasonably well. The aroma is giving off sweet, caramelised wafts with a lovely addition of juicy berries. Toffee, raspberry, raisin, Jaffa, brioche and plum are just a few of the sweet scents we’re picking up. The mouth feel is quite oily with mild-medium carbonation. Medium bodied. The flavour is packed full of caramel malt and sweet juicy fruits. Although there is a delicate balance that’s struck between the two, the cloying sweetness does get a little overpowering as we near the finish. Additions of toffee and subtle booze (5.8% ABV) are evident in the mid-palate with a sweet sticky finish to round it all off. Maybe a touch too sweet for us, a higher presence of hops would have been a great inclusion to balance this ale out a bit more. Points for a classy brew but we just weren’t sold on it. The Pintail pale ale and the Tower 10 IPA are much better.