Allgäuer Brauhaus ‘Altenmünster’ pilsner


image“The brewery, founded in 1394, looks back on a brewing tradition of over 600 years. The brewery combines the traditional art of brewing with the latest technology and highest quality. With a clear commitment to its native region the Allgäuer Brauhaus represents the enjoyment, sentiment and adventure that one of Germany’s most beautiful areas has to offer. With specialities such as Altenmünster Festbier, Altenmünster Dunkel and several seasonal beer types the Allgäuer Brauhaus relies on brand diversity, thus ensuring the right beer for every taste.”

Really eye catching swing top style bottle here. We poured this into a footed beer tulip but could also be consumed from a flute as well. The translucent golden pour produced a tight 1 finger’s worth of head that slowly collapsed away to a patch of thin foam on top. Very little, if not any lacing. Crisp, refreshing aroma offers light fruity notes with soft helpings of honey, citrus, cereal grains and pilsner malts. The mouth feel is light on and slightly metallic with medium carbonation and medium body. A subtle yet evident grassy hop bitterness upfront is casually smoothed over by a sweet and grainy mid-palate. Light citrus on the back end to finish it off. 4.9% ABV is spot on, although at times the palate feels slightly watery. Take nothing away from it though, this is a highly sessional and all round tasty pilsner. A great offering on a hot afternoon around the barby. Good beer.