La Trappe Blond


image“La Trappe is honestly-brewed beer. But there’s more to it.
If you savour taste, you will pick up on another important ingredient that represents the essence of a monk’s existence. The silence.”

We can’t help but get excited when we see the authentic Trappist stamp on a quality Dutch label. It’s almost like you just know it’s going to be good. Served in a beer tulip the cloudy straw gold pour produces a fizzy 2 finger head that collapsed quickly to a halo with minimal lacing. Quite a bit of suspended sediment in this one so watch your pour. Again, as you would expect the trademark banana and clove dominates the aroma initially. Once you can get through those there are sticky undertones of bubblegum, pear, mango and vanilla that creep through. It’s like a fruity ice cream beer! In the mouth it feels quite frothy with a smooth texture. Lively in carbonation with full body, filling up the mouth well. Solid flavours of banana are evident from beginning to end. Intermittent additions of peppery spice and clove marry up beautifully within the yeasty, fruity mid palate while, again, banana and spice are here to round it all off. 6.5% ABV is well hidden. Well, in summary there are better Trappist beers out there but it’s tasty, rich and unique. Can’t ask for much more, really.