Matilda bay ‘big helga’ Munich style lager


imageBig Helga – we can’t completely admit that we aren’t picturing a busty Fräulein with gold pig-tailed hair serving us steins of lager at Oktoberfest in our heads….but we can admit we’re serving this ‘dry Munich-style lager’ in a dimpled mug wishing we were.

Nice, clear golden appearance with brilliant transparency. Carbonation looks good, with streams of active carbonation rising up to the stubborn 1 finger head which eventually reduced to a fine cover on top. Reasonable lace. Straight off the bat we were pleasantly surprised with the forward fruity/floral hop aroma emanating, definitely a more burly presence than other lagers. There is also a firm malty sweetness that lends suggestions of brioche and subtle toffee. Maybe a trace of nuts too. Nice aroma. In the mouth it’s well rounded and slightly dry. Carbonation is mild-medium with medium body. The flavour initiates with light, toasty/biscuity malts with an ever so subtle hop bitterness flowing through. We detect a herbal taste through the mid which leads a sweet touch of honey to the light, dry finish. No real length on display. 4.7% ABV which is about on par considering this beer is brewed to be consumed German-style. Look, it’s nothing memorable but it’s a sessional and easy drinking lager. That’s about it.