Moa brewing Co ‘Festive IPA’ Red Edition Limited Release


image“This red IPA uses US Simcoe and Amarillo hops to provide piney, citrus and pineapple flavours with a medley of malts offering rich roasted caramel aromas. This is perfectly matched with spicy foods or rich cheeses.”

Poured into a pint glass to extract all the 500ml goodness, we see an amber coloured beer with an off white bubbly head that’s thin and barely holds. Just leaves patches. Mild carbonation seen here. Flavours of caramel or toffee malts, spice, pine, citrus and there is background tropical fruit. There is a sharpness to the aromas. First sip consists of a caramel malt backbone, with a citrus hit, more pine, biscuit malts, and resin from the hops. The body is moderate with similar carbonation on the tongue. 6% Alc vol enables you to consume this drop easily as there is no booze burn. As with most Moa beers, it’s incredibly smooth on the palate. Rounding off the palate we get that caramel malt backbone persisting with resin hops, bitterness that sits nicely, pine and citrus that merges well. We would have like more tropical fruit by the end of the beer but you can’t have everything. We like this beer but we have had better from Moa. Bit more tropical fruit and bit more spice on the palate and this would be a high rating beer.