Bridgeport ‘Stumptown’ candy peel IPA


image“Candy peel uses Syrian goldings at the end of the boil to give that unique candy orange flavour. The Brewers then use juicy centennial and crystal hops in the hopjack with a dash of orange peel. Combining Vienna malt gives a subtle sweetness that makes this candypeel delicious.”

Poured into a schooner glass we see a slightly hazy golden body with mild to moderate carbonation. There is virtually no head here, all you see are the bubble rising to the surface. Aroma of candied lollies, sweet malts, fairy floss, doughy yeasts, and orange citrus. First mouthful yields mild carbonation on the tongue, with a sweetness from the malt and a restrained but lingering bitterness that at 65 IBU seems apt. There is definite orange peel bitterness here, with a slight sourness also as you swish around the palate. Body is light to moderate with again mild carbonation so you can really push it down easily. 6.5% Alc vol is hidden really well and we give points for that as the malts are light here. As we get through this, we get mild citrus, more sweet malt but not sickly, doughy yeasts persist, along side caramel toffee, candy, maybe some pine. The only issue here is that it just lacks that wow factor. There are so many good IPA’s on the market these days and you would easily go with something else. It’s not a bad beer. It’s smooth and summery. Just not a standout.