Modus Operandi ‘Majestic Leopard’ Session IPA


imagePoured into a shaker glass we see a very light coloured/hazy yellow colour with plenty of carbonation sizzling away from the bottom. White of white 10mm head that slowly fades but retains beautifully. We note this brew was canned on the 26th February so it’s super fresh.

First sniff elicits a complex nose with plenty of stone fruit like peach, pine, rose petal, citrus like lemon and white grapefruit, peppery spice, light doughy malts and cut grass. We like it. First sip yields a similar hit. It’s got nice, not over- the- top bitterness from the citrus hops mixed with bready like dough malts/yeast, light caramels, a peppery spice, and more pine. Definite citrus flavours of white grapefruit, and lemon rind. It’s quite drying on the palate. Mouthfeel is light’s not entirely watery but it’s thin enough to smash down easily, and still contains enough flavour to savour right to the end. It’s got an earthy like body to it also. We note 5% Alc vol here and think it’s jammed full of flavour. You could have a couple of cans before thinking “ok I’m feeling pissed”. Carbonation stays low also. It’s got that NEIPA feel yet it’s not as tropical fruit juice as most are. It’s like an IPA due to the array of floral and tasty hops on offer. It’s also ale-ish due to the smash ability of a 5%-er. As we finish up we get some patchy lacing here and there and are enjoying the aroma of the empty glass. This is certainly tasty. It’s a bloody good effort as usual from a fantastic and on the pulse brewery.